Contentious Issues

Issue Government perspective Ethnic perspective
Kachin conflict The govt requested the KIA to move their bases away from the Taping dam so they could protect their investment. They were forced to attack, when the KIA did not comply. After a Myanmar army officer and several soldiers were captured by the KIA the govt. was again forced to retaliate.
KIA trespassed on splinter group areas such as the former NDA-K, turned BGF, to collect taxes.
The govt needed to protect the people and public facilities from destructive acts committed by the KIA.
Attacked their outpost provoking war
No Govt Budget for the peace process Peace activities will be part of the national budget soon.
The govt needs time for improvement as it is still learning and righting the wrongs of the last government.
The govt is not sincere about the peace process.
Ongoing offenses Both sides are guilty of provoking each other. Difficulty in controlling soldiers on the battlefield as emotions run high as the conflict intensifies. Ethnic leaders are not respecting ceasefire calls and other public demands for peace.
Ethnic armed groups are going beyond their control areas to collect tax and recruit new soldiers to solve ongoing financial difficulties.
The govt is not sincere about their commitment for peace and does not keep its end of the bargain. They do not want to solve political issues by political means.
Govt is unable to control the armed forces.
Govt should be responsible and not perpetuate the conflict.