Myanmar Peace Monitor


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1 AA Arakan Army
2 AAPP Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma)
3 ABSDF All Burma Students’ Democratic Front
4 ABSDF-UNRA All Burma Students’ Democratic Front - Union National Resistance Army
5 ACRS Advisory Commission on Rakhine State
6 ALP Arakan Liberation Party
7 ANC Arakan National Council
8 ANC/AA Arakhine National Council/Arakhine Army
9 BGF Border Guard Force
10 BLO Border Liaison Office
11 CBOs Community Based Organizations
12 CNF Chin National Front
13 CSOs Civil Society Organizations
14 CSSU Committee for Shan State Unity
15 CT Coordination
16 DEU Delegation for EAO Unity
17 DKBA Democratic Karen Benevolent Army (Formerly DKBA-5)
18 DKBA Democratic Karen Buddhist Army
19 DPN Delegation for Political Negotiation
20 EAOs Ethnic Armed Organizations
21 EBO Euro-Burma Office
22 ENAC Ethnic Nationalities Affairs Center
23 ENC Ethnic Nationalities Council
24 EU European Union
25 EUMC European Union Military Committee
26 FMA Faith Movement of Arakhine
27 FPD Framework for Political Dialogue
28 IC Investigation Commission
29 IDP Internally Displaced Person
30 IPSG International Peace Support Group
31 JICM Joint Implementation Coordination Meeting
32 JMC-S Joint Monitoring Committee - State
33 JMC-U Joint Monitoring Committee - Union
34 JPF Joint Peace Fund
35 KAF Kawthoolei Armed Force
36 KIO/KIA Kachin Independence Organization/ Army
37 KNDP/A Karenni National Democratic Party/Army
38 KNLP Kayan New Land Party
39 KNO Kachin National Organisation
40 KNO (Burma) Kuki National Organization (Burma)
41 KNPDP Karenni National Peace and Development Party
42 KNPLF Karenni National People’s Liberation Front
43 KNPP Karenni National Progressive Party
44 KNSO Karenni National Solidarity Organization
45 KNU Karen National Union
46 KNU/KNLA (PC) Karen National Union/ Karen National Liberation Army/ Peace Council
47 KPF Karen Peace Force
48 KWAT Kachin Women Association Thailand
49 LDU Lahu Democratic Union
50 LNDO Lahu National Development Organization
51 MNDAA Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army
52 MPC Myanmar Peace Centre
53 MPM Myanmar Peace Monitor
54 MPSI Myanmar Peace Support Initiative
55 NA-B Northern Alliance - Burma
56 NBF Nationalities Brotherhood Federation
57 NCA Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement
58 NCCT Nationwide Ceasefire Coordination Team
59 NDA-K New Democratic Army - Kachin
60 NDAA-ESS National Democratic Alliance Army - Eastern Shan State
61 NDSC National Defence and Security Council
62 NLD National League for Democracy
63 NMSP New Mon State Party
64 NRPC National Reconciliation Peace Committee
65 NSAG Non-State Armed Group
66 NSCN-K National Socialist Council of Nagaland - Khaplang
67 OIC Organization of Islamic Cooperation
68 PC Peace Commission
69 PCG Peace Creation Group
70 PDSG Peace Donor Support Group
71 PI Pyidaungsu Institute for Peace and Dialogue
72 PMF People’s Militia Force
73 PNLO Pa-Oh National Liberation Organization
74 PNO Pa-Oh National Organization
75 PPST Peace Process Steering Team
76 PPWT Peace Process Working Team
77 PSLF/TNLA Palaung State Liberation Front/Ta-ang National League Army
78 PYO Pa-Oh Youth Organization
79 RCSS/SSA Restoration Council of Shan State/Shan State Army
80 SAZ Special Administration Zone
81 SEZ/SIZ Special Economic Zone/Special Industrial Zone
82 SLORC State Law and Order Restoration Council
83 SNA Shanni Nationalities Army
84 SNDP Shan Nationalities Democratic Party
85 SNLD Shan National League for Democracy
86 SPDC State Peace and Development Council
87 SSPP/SSA Shan State Progress Party/Shan State Army
88 TMD Tatmadaw
89 TNLA Ta’ang National Liberation Army
90 UNFC United Nationalities Federal Council
91 UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
92 UNODC United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
93 UPCC Union Peace Central Committee
94 UPDJC Union Political Dialogue Joint Committee
95 UPWC Union Peace-making Work Committee
96 USA United States of America
97 USDP Union Solidarity and Development Party
98 UWSA/P United Wa State Army/ Party
99 WGEC Working Group for Ethnic Coordination
100 WLB Women’s League of Burma
101 WNO/A Wa National Organization/ Army
102 ZRO Zomi Reunification Organization
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