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References useful resources and links related to Myanmar’s peace process:

KIO Justice and Negotiation center

Address: Prang Ngawn village, Loijay Township, Kachin State, Myanmar
The center stores all KIO records about the peace talks and is open for public viewing. It is also a venue for future negotiations and receiving suggestions from the public.

Karen Peace Support Team

KNU’s facilitating body for the peace process
Address: No.410, 3rdStreet (South), East Gyo Gone, Insein Township, Yangon, Myanmar
Tel: +0095-9-8575 225.
Contact persons: Rev. Mathew Aye (Coordinator, Karen Peace Support Team)
Susanna Hla Hla Soe (Co- Coordinator, Karen Peace Support Team)

Myanmar Peace Center

Address: No.11, Shwe Li Road, Kamayut Township, Yangon, Myanmar
Yangon, Burma, 11041-11044
Phone: +95 9 730 35034
Email: [email protected]
Secretariat for the Myanmar Peace Committee and reports to the President’s office

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EU-Burma Office

Address: Square Gutenberg 11/2, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium
Phone: +32 (0)2 280 06 91
Fax: +32 (0)2 280 03 10
Email: [email protected]

Ethnic groups:

KNU/KNLA Peace Council

Email : [email protected]
Phone: +66 80 6210707; +66 84 8075583
Fax: +66 80 6210707
Phone: +95 95171357
Fax: +95 95171357

RCSS Anti-Narcotic Committee

Anti-narcotics committee of the SSA-S/RCSS
Address: Loi Tai Leng Shan State
Phone: +95 94 28328715

Ta’ang Students and Youth Organization (TSYO)

Website about Palaung affairs and organisations, as well as the armed wing TNLA
Address: P.O Box (191), Mae Sod, Tak Province, Thailand 63110
Phone: (+66) 055 533 324, 084 942 2499
Email: [email protected]

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