AA (Karen Region)

Arakan Army

ရခိုင်ပြည် တပ်မတော်


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Founded: 2010
Headquarters: HQ in DKBA-controlled area
Operational Area: Karen state
Estimated strength: 100+
Leader: Maj. Moe Hein aka Khine Zan Wai

The Arakan Army (AA) was founded to protect the Rakhine people, establish peace, justice, freedom and promote development. In the past, the AA worked alongside the DKBA. As an observer, AA representatives attended thr second conference of EAOs held in Law Khee Ler in Karen state on 20-25 Jan 2014.
* U Tawn Zaw is serving UNFC secretary 1.
*AA is a member of Arakan National Council


  1. To gain self-determination for multi-ethnic Rakhine
  2. To safeguard national identity and cultural heritage
  3. To promote national dignity and related interests

Peace Process

# of clashes
2011 – Unknown
2012 – Unknown
2013 – Unknown
2014 – Unknown

Ceasefire & Peace Process: None
Official delegation team: None
Liaison offices: None
Alliances: ANC member

Official delegation team

Does not have

Liaison offices



Email: [email protected]
Phone:+66 (0) 911 371 736


25 April 2015 – Arakan army released a statement on current conflicts in Rakhine state

27 April 2014 – Araken Army message for Araken National Convention

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