Peace Monitoring Dashboard: May 2019

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Peace process highlights

  • Aung San Suu Kyi and religious leaders agree that peace in Myanmar needs unity and understanding
  • KNU and NMSP reach agreement to prevent further dispute in Three Pagodas Pass area
  • SSPP and RCSS released joint statement on ceasefire agreed
  • Military Chief Pardoned Soldiers Involved in Rohingya Massacre
  • Myanmar Army Rounds Up Hundreds of Rakhine Villagers For Questioning
  • Rahkine Kyauk Tan 6 villagers killed during Army lockdown and opened fire
  • RCSS, Gen. Yawd Serk said No Major Achievements in Three Years Since NCA
  • Tatmadaw said, used special act law for operation to AA
  • KNU Wants to Leave Peace Process Steering Team
  • EAOs to Confront Different Visions for Future of Peace Process
  • Food Shortages, Military Expansion Threaten Refugees and IDPs
  • Arakanese in U.S. Protest Myanmar Army Killings of Civilians in Rakhine
  • Union level Ministry plans to close IDP camps in Kachin State

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