Peace Monitoring Dashboard: July 2019

  1. Clash: – 25
  2. Meeting: – 5
  3. IDP: – 7700

Peace process highlights

  • Clashes Break Out in Lashio On First Day of Tatmadaw’s Unilateral Ceasefire Extension
  • NDAA (Mongla) has said that it will only sign (NCA) if Signing is with the other members of the FPNCC
  • Tatmadaw released the peace process to use the additional two-month ceasefire and urges EAOs to continue efforts for peace process
  • KNPP criticized Kayah State Govt’s Decision to Ban Ethnic Literature Event
  • Rakhine Youths Call For Justice for the Killings of Civilians by Military Custody
  • Myanmar refugees head home to uncertain future from Thailand
  • NCA Signatory EAOs Met in Chiang Mai to overcome deadlock in talks with the government, Tatmadaw and other EAOs
  • Five AA top leaders charged under Counter-Terrorism Law
  • Military column torches a village in Rathedaung Township
  • ANP call for justice for civilians’ deaths
  • Three Civilians including a relative of AA Spokesperson are taken by Military
  • Government armed force troops fired the village Houses in Rakhine State
  • Six Leaders of Arakan Association (Singapore) Arrested in Singapore, under terrorism law by Myanmar Government
  • KIO said ‘Still in Discussions’ over Burmese Govt’s draft ceasefire proposal
  • An anonymous KIO official said comparing the current government’s negotiation style to that of the Ne Win regime
  • Chin people demonstrated in Yangon to end war in Chin State
  • U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Myanmar Commander-in-chief over minority Rohingyas in Myanmar Massscres
  • Ta’ang Human Rights Group claimed RCSS Violations Against over 170 Ta’ang people
  • NRPC delegated, KNU held informal meeting in Yangon to discuss current peace process
  • KBC Leaders Met US president to seek help Myanmar transition to get genuine democracy and genuine federalism
  • 56 Suspects appear in Sittwe Township Court over Alleged Connection with Arakan Army
  • Tatmadaw Violating Own Ceasefire, Northern Aalliance members said
  • TNLA Reports ‘Frequent’ Clashes despite Burma Army Ceasefire
  • Chinese Ambassador’s Kyauk Phyu Visit Criticized for Lack of Trenchancy by Local and MP
  • Nearly 60,000 displaced after eight months of fighting in Rakhine state
  • Shan Rights Group Calls for Justice for Villagers Abused By Tatmadaw
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