Over 50 Youths Detained After Bomb Explosion In Hakha

7 June 2021

A local from Hakha stated that in the evening of June 5 a bomb was exploded in Hakha, Chin State, and later the Military Council then arrested and detained over 50 youths and had not released them yet.

One local recounted, “Over 50 were arrested. No one has been released yet. It is expected that they will be released, but until now no one has been released. Amongst those detained youths include even pedestrians. Moreover, people who came to the bombing places after hearing the sound of explosion were arrested.”

It is known that the females out of all the detainees are locked up in Hakha Police Office and the males are in the 226 Military Tactics.

In the evening of June 5, three consecutive bombs exploded in a house of Myo Thit Ward, Hakha, and three members of CDF-Hakha were reportedly died.

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