Military Council’s Three Lines Of Offensive Operation In Mindat Villages

7 June 2021

In Chin State, Mindat under Martial Law, Military Council sent three lines of its troops to the villages where most of the displaced persons were sheltering and then those troops started the confrontations with MIndat-CDF members since around 10 AM of 6 June.

Responsible person of Mindat-CDF has stated that military troops marched with two lines from the east side and the west side of Mindat and started its offensive operation against CDF-Mindat. Moreover, the fighting is still intensifying since June 3 in Shwe Aung Thar along Mindat-Magway border.

“Today morning military troops marched from the east of the town. Most of the refugees are staying in the north side. Two military lines, including 90 forces, are heading to the north side. They are marching from Bounddae to Chaungzone village where the clashes broke out. Moreover, the confrontations occurred in Shet village between our CDF-members and the military troops marching from the north. And the fighting also occurred in Shwe Aung Thar. We therefore are fighting with three lines at the same time.”

Myanmar military troops were constantly using the heavy weapons and Mindat-CDF confirmed that one person deceased in Shet village fighting had suffered the poisonous symptoms after inhaling chemical weapons.

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