Myanmar military threatens to fire heavy shells into the villages on Karmaing-Hpakant Road

July 20th, 2021
The military council’s troop has threatened to fire heavy weapons into the villages if the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) enters the villages on Karmaing-Hpakant Road, according to locals.It comes after the fighting between the military council’s troops and the KIA near Khwanhsaingzwat, Gawloyan, Tadarnyinaung and Pyarohn villages in Kathmaw village-tract on Hpakant road on July 14th, according to the persons who have a close relation with the administration council.

A local said: “The army said that it would not carry out arsons. But the army threatened to fire heavy weapons into the villages where the KIA is present. It seems that the ward administration body called on the army not to fire heavy weapons. But the army said it would fire heavy weapons. The military unit based in Nantyar village regularly fires heavy shells into the village where the fighting took place.”

At around 2 pm on July 19th, the military unit based in Nantyar village fired at least three rounds of shells into Khwanhsaingzwat village.

The army fired heavy shells into the village after the fighting intensified in four villages in Khwanhsaingzwat village, from July 14th to 15th. Six civilians were injured by heavy selling.

Due to the military tension, more than 200 people from four villages are taking shelter in the church in Hsaingphayar village.

A local female from Khwanhsaingzwat said: “On the morning of July 18th, almost all Internally Displaced Person (IDPs) taking shelter in the compound of the church returned to their homes. But we had to flee to the former place at around 6 pm as they heard the news about the offensive by the army. But there was no fighting.”
The military council has deployed its troops in some villages of the IDPs.

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