A new direction in Myanmar politics after the revolution month – Issue 20

What Happening in the Week?

Chin State

Falam Christian Minister’s Fellowship issued a letter, warning that the use of holy religious buildings for military purposes may create a religious conflict which is bigger than the political problem and has called on the terrorist military council’s troops to avoid using them. On August 23rd, a civilian was severely injured by a mine explosion near Yanaungyadana pagoda in Myoma ward-2 in Kanpetlet Township.

The terrorist military council’s troops asked for Ks-one million in return for the release of a detained youth, in Kanpetlet Township. At least five soldiers of the terrorist military council were killed in a fighting between the terrorist military council’s troops and the Htantalan-CDF in Htantalan Township.

The formation of alliance between the CDF-Mindat, the CDF-Kanpetlet, the CNO/CNDF (Falam, Kalay-Kabaw), the ZFU (Teedim, Tunzan and Kalay) based in Chin State, was announced on August 24th. A shooting took place in front of Myanma Economic Bank near the clock tower in Myoma ward in Teedim Township in Chin State, at around 11.50 am on August 24th, leaving three police members dead.

The Chin Affairs Federation strongly denounced the military council’s troops who raided and fired shots at Taal village in Falam Township in Chin State, on July 20th and August 9th, for no apparent reason. During the first raid, locals faced the losses of 21 houses, their animals, utensils and furniture. During the second raid, the terrorist military council’s troops were stationed in the churches and schools for five days and destroyed 36 houses and other furniture and killed 380 chickens and eight pigs.

An IDP camp in Football Ground Ward in Paletwa Township in Chin State was put in lockdown as a woman from the camp tested positive for COVID-19. A captain who read the cablegram about the army’s propaganda was shot to death by a private in Matupi Township in Chin State on August 29th. The private killed himself. A fighting took place between a combined force of CDF-Hakha and CDF-Zophei and the terrorist military council’s troops, between Hakha Township and Htantalan Township on August 25th. A 10-year-old child was killed and two wounded, in a shooting near Htantalan Police Station on the evening of August 25th. Two members of CDF-Mindat were killed in a fighting in Palihtwee village in Mindat Township on August 25th. One local died and seven wounded in an explosion of an unexploded bomb in Htantalan Township.

Arakan State

The terrorist military council is deploying more troops in Arakan State where the ceasefire has taken effect since the military coup. The terrorist military council carried out test-firing with heavy weapons in the territorial sea in Sittwe, Pauktaw, Ponnagyun and Yathaedaung Townships for three days, using naval ships. The terrorist military council has directed the ward administrators in downtown Kyaukphyu to give information about the activities of the United League of Arakan/Arakan Army (ULA/AA). A lance corporal on duty near Thayetkinmanu (Muslim) village in Buthidaung Township, was murdered at around 8 am on August 21st. The terrorist military council’s troops interrogated some villagers.

The Arakan Army (AA) said it was closely monitoring the deployment of more troops by the military council’s troops in some areas of Arakan State. On August 23rd, a ceremony to mourn the one-year anniversary of burning down 148 houses and the death of two men in Phayapaung and Taungpauk villages was held.

The military council dispacted 25,000 Sinopharm vaccines to Arakan State on August 25th and plans vaccinate the IDPs and Muslim IDPs. On August 27th, narcotic drugs worth Ks-8 billion were seized at Kyeekanpyin inspection camp in Maungdaw Township. On August 28th, an explosion occurred on Yarmaung mountain range near Yangon-Sittwe Road in Minbya Township in Arakan State, where the Myanmar military has deployed its troops. Three explosions occurred after the announcement on the destruction of old military weapons at the shooting range near Taragu village in Taungup Township.

Shan State

Fighting continues between the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) and the terrorist military council’s troops in Panghsang. Fighting between the Shan State Progressive Party (SSPP) and the Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) has intensified in Namlam of Hsipaw Township. Hundreds of locals are taking shelter at a monastery in Mongkung Township. In addition, the fighting between a combined force of the SSPP-TNLA and the RCSS has displaced locals in Kyaukme Township.

The formation of Northern Shan State Defense Force (NSSDF) with seven local PDFs in Lashio, Hseinwi, Naungcho and Kyaukme Townships was announced. A local died due to an explosion while picking the banana bud nea Namman village between Kyaukme and Mongngaw. Two informants of the terrorist military council were murdered in Aungban Township. Around 1,000 locals from four villages between Phalkhone and Pinlaung Townships have fled to safer places due to the firing of heavy shells by the terrorist military council’s troops.

The Shan State Progressive Party/ Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA) said fighting may spread to Kyethi and Mongkai Townships in southern Shan State if fighting between the Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS)/SSA and the SSPP/SSA resumes in Namlam area on Shan(north) and Shan (south) border under the pretext of territorial disputes. Members of the PNO/PNA stationed in the houses in Namtoke village in Phalkhone Lake on Shan-Karenni border in the southern Shan State, citing security of Special Region-6. Mong Aike Nyi, 31, who injured after stepping on mine on August 13rd in Panlin village of Kyaukme Township, committed suicide on August 24th, according to the Shan Herald Agency for News.

Fighting is taking place between the military council’s troops and the MNDAA (Kokang) near Mankhwan village in Mongkoe in Muse District in northern Shan State. Four family members including a child were killed as an artillery shell landed on a house. Sai San Akwan from Narngu village in Mongyal Township in the northern Shan State was killed in a mistaken shooting by the SSPP/SSA on August 27th.

Two civilians displaced by fighting between the EAOs were wounded in Kyaukme Township. Under the directive of the National Unity Government (NUG), the Southern Shan People Defense Force (SSPDF) was formed with the local PDFs from 21 townships in Shan State, on August 28th. Fighting has intensified between the RCSS and a combined force of the SSPP and the TNLA in Hukwat village in Kyaukme Township in northern Shan State. Heavy shells landed in the village. Intense fighting between the military council’s troops and the MNDAA took place in Namhar village in Kaunglone village-tract in Monekoe Township in Muse District in the northern Shan State, forcing more than 600 locals from Namhar and Kaunglone to flee to Monekoe.

On the evening of August 28th, fighting intensified between the military council’s troops and a combined force of the KIA and the MNDAA near Monekoe and Kaunglone in the northern Shan State. Two battalion commanders of the military council were killed in the fighting, according to locals and news from Kokang.

Karenni State

The terrorist military council’s troops arrested around 12 people who were helping the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Loikaw Township. Three soldiers of the junta were killed and two injured in a fighting between a combined force of the Karenni Army (KA)- the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF) and the terrorist military council’s troops, between Bawlakhe and Matsalung mountain. The Karenni State Consultative Council (KSCC) announced that the Karenni State Police (KSP) was formed with 320 police members who have joined the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM), to carry out security and rule of law affairs in Karenni State.

Fighting took place between the KNDF and the military council’s troops in Koneswat village in Karenni State on August 24th. The KSCC declared the KNDF the defense force for Karenni State. The Karenni State Police was formed, according to the Karenni Post.

The military council has not yet released some civilians detained by the military units under the Military Division-66 and-55 during the fighting between the military council and Karenni revolutionary forces in Karenni State and taken to the front lines.

The military council announced on August 27th that ten PDF members from Demawso Township in Karenni State were arrested and weapons seized from them, at the joint inspection camp in Bawlakhe Township on the evening of August 18th. At least seven from the military council’s troops were killed in a fighting near Dawtahay village in Loilemlay in Loikaw District in Karenni State, according to the KNDF.

Kachin State

A police camp under the terrorist military council was set on fire in Hpakant Township. A police lance corporal died in a shooting at the police patrol car in Lonekhin village in Hpakant Township. Fighting is taking place between the terrorist military council’s troops and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) in Tanai Township. It is said that the terrorist military council’s troops may suffer heavy casualties. The military council has cut off internet connection and phone lines in Hpakant Township.

During his tour to Putao on August 22nd, Kachin State Chief Minister U Khet Htein Nan appointed by the military council said the army did not stage a coup and retained power in accordance with the democratic path. The KIA/KIO issued a five-point statement on August 24th, calling for the avoidance of wars and seeking the solution to the current political problems through dialogues. In an interview with the 74 Media, Colonel Naw Bu, information officer of the KIO said the KIO/KIA would continue its revolutionary trip by standing by the people. In a single day, the KIA set fire to three military vehicles in Hpakant Township, which were carrying rations and stimulus tablets posing as civilians. On the same day, the military council cut off the internet in Hpakant Township.

A man was shot dead near Light Infantry Battalion-58 in Waingmaw Township in Kachin State. Since August 26th, fighting between the KIA and the military council has intensified at the foot of Nar Mountain in Tangar village in Putao District in Kachin State. More than 400 people from 100 households have fled to Lonesharyan village. The military council’s troops arrested Chair of Kachin National Congress (KNC) Dr. M Kawn La from his clinic in Nay Pyi Taw.

South Eastern (Mon, Karen and Tanintharyi)

Two members of the terrorist military council’s troops were killed in a Thaton Defense Force’s rocket attack on 402-Artillery Battalion in Thaton Township. Mawlamyine University Council announced that the exam results released by the terrorist military council were unofficial. Twelve soldiers of the junta were killed in the fighting between the KNU and the terrorist military council’s troops in the KNU-controlled Brigade-5 territory.

On August 28th, the fighting took place between Yay PDF and 106th Infantry Battalion in Mawkanin village in Yay Township of Mon State. Fighting took place after the KNU/KNLA attacked the military outpost on Yunsalin-River Crossing Bridge in Hpapun Township in Karen State on August 29th.

On August 27th, the military council’s troops arrested U Saw Moe Htet (aka) Gwangyi, Secretary of the National League for Democracy (NLD) in Theinzayat in Kyaikto Township. The rural health clinic (branch) was bombed in Kamni village in Kyaikto Township on August 27th. The military council met local businesspersons at the general administration office on August 28th in Kyaikto of Mon State and threatened them to take action if they provide assistance to the National Unity Government (NUG) and the People’s Defense Force (PDF).

On August 30th, the military council’s troops raided and searched the Kaunghmukone monastery in Mupalin model village in Kyaikto Township, citing that CDM staff were hiding there. The military council’s troops arrested at least three monks as they could not find CDM staff, according to the Than Lwin Times.

On August 21st, the KNU ambushed a military column of the terrorist military council from Kamamaung, resulting in more than 20 casualties. Fighting is taking place between the terrorist military council’s troops and the KNU’s Brigade-6 in Kwinkalay village in Myawaddy. Fighting between the Brigade-6 and the terrorist military council’s troops erupted near Kawkareik. The terrorist military council is carrying out military activities and the deployment of more troops, with the help of the Border Guard Forces (BGF). The military council is monitoring territorial situations, using drones and flights. The Spring Revolution is sure to achieve success if the people can firmly adhere to the conscience that the military dictatorship must be overthrown, said Secretary of the KNU Dupalaryar District Padoh Saw Lar Stan.

As long as the dictatorship is rooted, the safety of the people is unsure, he said in an interview with Myanmar Now. Fighting between the military council’s troops and the KNU/KNLA took place in the KNU-Brigade-5 from August 21st to 23rd for nine times, according to the KNU-Mutraw (Hpapun) District. In the second week of August, the military council started preparing for offensive operations on the KNU-and the KIA-controlled areas. KNU Concerned Group leader Naw Zipporach Sein said it would respond to the military council’s offensive attacks. A time bomb exploded in Myawady in Karen State on August 27th.

Both the military council’s troops and the KNU are on standby in some villages about 13 miles to the south of Kawkareik Township in Karen State. According to the statement by the KNU Dupalaryar District, two persons were killed in mistaken shooting between the BGF Battalion-2023 and Light Infantry Battalion near Kawthanaw village on August 28th. The military-backed BGF withdrew from Karlikhee camp in Khokekhwarhmar village in Noetakaw Township while the KNU/KNLA members raided the camp, according to the KNU Dupalaryar District.

On August 29th, fighting took place between KNU-Brigade-1 and the military council’s troops in Hpa-An Township in Karen State, leaving three soldiers of the military council dead, according to the KNU’s statement. Twenty-five soldiers from Light Infantry Battalion-25 based in Dawei defected, with weapons. Five soldiers from Light Infantry Battalion-401 and the Light Infantry Battalion-402 defected. One defector was shot to death and three arrested. A ward/village chair of the Kyaikto Township Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), was shot dead. Three men including a 15-year-old child were arrested by the soldiers and police of the terrorist military council, in Asin model village in Yay Township.

Dawei People Defense Force on August 29th announced that the murder of the Deputy Director from the Development of Border Areas and National Races Department and a staff in Kyatsarpyin ward in Dawei, at night on August 28th, had nothing to do with the Dawei PDF.

Upper Myanmar (Mandalay, Magway and Sagaing)

A CDM police member from Kokko Police Outpost in Myingyan Township, was arrested by the terrorist military council’s troops while he was hiding in Mandalay. Two civilians were killed and three, arrested in Madayar Township while the terrorist military council’s troops shot and arrested the civilians. A shooting occurred in the east of Mandalay Myothit. A police vehicle was damaged by an explosion in Mogok.

Ward and village administrators appointed by the terrorist military council have fled to safer places in Myaung Township in Magway Region. One of 15 soldiers who defected from the Defense Industry Factory in Aunglan Township was shot to death. Thirty-six soldiers from Magway Air Force defected to the public with arms.

The terrorist military council’s troops are trying to arrest Letpadaung affairs activists in Sagaing Region. A nurse and her husband were shot dead by the terrorist military council’s troops, without any reason, near the bridge at the entrance to KhinU Township in Shwebo District on August 21st. Locals from nearly 15 villages in Depayin Township are fleeing to safer places as the terrorist military council’s troops are doing searches with the excessive use of weapons and forces. A 70-year-old man from Gangaw died due to beating and tortures by the terrorist military council’s troops. Gangaw PDF carried out attacks on the patrol police at Kan area police station in Gangaw Township, leaving one police member dead and around 10 others wounded.

A military convoy was ambushed on the Pale-Gangaw road section.The PDF carried out bomb attacks on the terrorist military council’s troops stationed in Tamu Township. Around 17 members of the terrorist military council’s troops were killed in a fighting with the PDF in Tamu Township.

Lower Myanmar (Yangon, Irrawaddy, Bago)

The terrorist military council’s troops beat and arrested at least 20 youths in Sanchaung and Kamayut Townships at night on August 19th. The terrorist military council’s troops arrested a woman who lets the people use oxygen concentrators free of charge in Hlaing Township, accusing her of being a PDF member.

An explosion occurred in the compound of Thilawa Economic Zone in Thanlyin Township in Yangon. The terrorist military council’s troops carried out an extensive search there. A soldier was killed and others injured in a shooting on Bayintnaung Bridge in Hlaingtharya Township. There was an encounter between an unidentified group and the terrorist military council’s troops at Thamine Myothit Ward-1 in Mayangone Township. The urban guerrilla group carried out a bombing attack on the garment factory in Hlaingtharya Township where the terrorist military council’s troops were stationed.

The terrorist military council announced that it dismissed more than 140 CDM civil servants from the Insein Locomotive Shed. The terrorist military council’s troops arrested a female lower House MP in Mingaladon Township. The military council arrested five tenants in a dormitory after a shooting on August 22 near the fire station on the Bayintnaung Bridge and near the Shwelinban factory in Hlaing Tharyar Township,Yangon Division. An explosion near the Hmawbi Electricity Authority on August 30 cut off a child who was collecting garbage. The Military Council cited Covid-19 disease in Rangoon Division Hmawbi and Hlaingtharya townships have been designated as special inspection townships, according to an FAX letter dated 28 August.

Daw Khin Myat Thu, a Pyithu Hluttaw member representing the NLD, was arrested by the military council on August 23 in Mingaladon Township,Yangon Division. On the morning of August 23, 1st Ward in Mayangone Township, Four youths were arrested in the shooting by junter. Four youths were arrested after the military council opened fire on a building on Nawarat 10 Road, No. (8) Ward, Thaketa Township. On the same day, A search of a guest house near Ayeyarwaddy Road in 60 ward of Dagon Seikkan Township, turned up three young men with 33 pistols and six others in connection with the shooting.

Khin Sandar Win, the wife of Yangon Region Government Social Affairs Minister Naing Ngan Lin, and her nine-year-old son, San Naing Ngan Lin, were arrested and sent home by the military council. In the Zawana Ward of Thingangyun Township, five youths were arrested at Jasmine White Condo on August 25, and one was injured when he jumped off a building. Ko Ye Gyi, a Mirror reporter living in building A, was shot dead on August 26 in 15th Street, Yuzana Garden City Housing, Dagon Seikkan Township. On August 26, in Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township, Yae Twin Kone Quarter Near Mingalar Market At 122nd Street, a drunken man was shot dead after fleeing after seeing a military council.

The military council newspapers reported on August 29 that between August 9 and 25, 41 PDFs in Yangon Region were arrested with explosives Weapons. Maung San Ye Htut, a young philanthropist living in Mong Taung Ward, Sanchaung Township, was arrested by the Military Council without any reason. A man and his wife were shot dead on August 29 in Ward 1 of Hlaing Township, killing the man and injuring in woman. On August 30, South Okkalapa, Rangoon; Kamaryut (Hledan), Sanchaung, Insein and in North Okkalapa many explosions occurred. From the first day of coup to as of August 26, there had been 619 bomb blasts in Yangoon Division, killing 84 people, according to Zaw Min Tun, the deputy information minister of the Military Council.

The KNU / KNDO and the military council clashed on August 24 in the KNU Brigade 2 area of Taungoo District, Bago Division. Since the military coup on February 1, there have been more than 60 clashes in the KNU Brigade 2 area since March.

The list of informants to the terrorist military council in Ayeyawady Region was released. A bomb attack on the terrorist military council’s troops which were temporarily stationed near Myanmar Economic Bank in Pathein occurred. The terrorist military council has directed the administrators in Pyapon District to take up arms.

On August 24, Irrawaddy Division; The Urban guerrilla army claimed responsibility for the bombing of a military outpost guarding the Myanma Economic Bank in Pathein. Ayeyarwady Region Administrators from four townships in Pyapon District have been warned to stay alert and respond. The Pyapon District Management Council has instructed them to carry swords and homemade weapon ( Laykhawa).

The directive came after the Bogale People’s Defense Force (PDF) sent a bullet warning letter to U Win Ko, administrator of the Pattamar Kone village tract, on August 20. On August 26, the People’s Defense Forces bombed the Kyaikpi police station in Moulmein Kyun Township, Ayeyarwady Division. A USDP man was shot dead on August 29 in Kangyidaung township.

National Unity Government

Military Council

  • NUG says security will be guaranteed for families of soldiers entering CDMNUG announces military and police engagement with civilians
  • NUG plans to support about 3,500 CDM employees for the first time from spring lottery sales
  • NUG seeks to represent Myanmar on ICC court
  • NUG Blacklist announced 49 officials of Myanmar Military Oil and Gas Enterprise under the military council
  • Daw Khin Ma Myo has been appointed Union Minister for Economy and Trade of the NUG government
  • NHC aims to vaccinate 3 million people – NHC chairman Pado Man Man
  • NUG has blacklisted more than 60 people, including the Director General of Management and Finance
  • CDM Firefighters’ Representative Committee formed across Myanmar
  • Commander-in-Chief of the 3rd Division conducted CDM
  • Dr. Win Myat Aye sued for corruption by military Council
  • Around 40 Myanmar Junta Troops Abandon Posts with Weapons
  • Myanmar Regime Delays Trial of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi Until SeptemberTerrorist military council denies reports of 35 soldiers fleeing with weapons
  • Central bank sells $ 10 million
  • Coup d’état begins seizure of public lands
  • Military council members call for action under anti-terrorism law to NUG ၊ CRPH and PDF
  • The military council has ordered the seizure of multi-channel radios
  • Deputy Commander-in-Chief calls for spending scrutiny as state revenues fall
  • Military Council says Russia-Myanmar relations have strengthened
  • Police faces up to three years in prison if he resigns
  • Military council considers forming ward/village base militia to fight opposition
  • Diesel fuel donated by oil companies to Military Council
  • Military council falsely announces talks with trade unions
  • Home Ministry warns of home delivery
  • Myanmar Junta Tells Troops to Be Combat Ready at All Times
  • Myanmar Junta Targets Mobile Banking in Bid to Cut Off Opposition Funding
  • Military council tries to replace striking internal revenue staff with relatives of junta personnel
  • Myanmar Regime Soldiers Commit Arbitrary Killings, Looting During Raids
  • Myanmar Junta Enacts Genocide Law

International Arena

Preparations are being made to help the Kinma village in Pauk Township in Magway Region, which faced an arson attack by the terrorist military council’s troops, according to locals who held a talk with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

The Japanese government refused to issue visas for two military-backed diplomats. The EU announced the suspension of the police training programme in Myanmar. The ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly faced widespread criticism as it invited the terrorist military council as an observer. Russia said it would enhance military cooperation with the terrorist military council. The ASEAN and its allies have decided to provide a fund of USD 4.7 million for the prevention, control and treatment of COVID-19 in Myanmar. US Vice President Camilla Harris will continue to support the people of Myanmar. She warned that the military council’s violence against health workers should stop.

Cheong Wa Dae said Thursday South Korea will continue efforts for democracy and recovery of peace and stability in Myanmar in close cooperation with the international community. Despite the political crisis, a new railway line to Myanmar has opened on the Chinese side. More than 40 Myanmar civil society groups have pledged to continue the search for justice for the Rohingya, commemorating the genocide of the Rohingya and crimes against humanity. The UN Secretary-General also called on the international community to continue its efforts to repatriate the Rohingya.

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