What kinds of change may happen on 33rd Anniversary of the NLD? – Issue 21

What Happening in 1st week of September 2021?

Chin State

Till August 31st, the total number of Chin ethnic people killed by the military council has reached 108, according to the statement by the Institute of Chin Affairs.According to the news from the Chin World, the drunk police officer from Sami town beat a 16-year-old patient placed under quarantine, for no apparent reason.

On August 29th, a captain who was reading a propaganda message, was shot dead by a soldier in Matupi Township in southern Chin State. Then, the soldier killed himself. The PDFs in Chin State has called for the suspension of all construction works and projects being implemented in partnership with the military council as the military council is making an investigation to the activities of local revolutionary groups citing the projects.

The military council arrested four youths in Matupi Township from August 20th and 22th, for the change of their profiles into the NUG logo, according to the Khonumthung News. Myanmar migrant children taking shelter in Mizoram State of India after the military coup on February 1st will have access to education, regardless of race, according to Mizoram State Education Minister Pu Lalchhandama Ralte.

Arakan State

narcotic drugs worth $ 1.12 million were seized during a raid along Myanmar-Bangladesh border

Myittarshin Philanthropic organization which went to Darletchaung in Ann Township to donate rations, on August 27th, turned back due to the army’s ban. Acting on a tip-off from the Bangladesh border guard force, narcotic drugs worth $ 1.12 million were seized during a raid along Myanmar-Bangladesh border. The army has barred fishing workers in Gyunthayar village in Myebon Township from going fishing at sea for one week from September 1 to 7. The army said it would not take any responsibility for the damages as there will be military ships and planes in the sea. The army arrested a village administrator (Muslim) in Maungdaw Township on August 29th and sent his dead body back to Maungdaw People’s Hospital on August 31st.

Family members of 18 people from Tinmagyi village in Kyauktaw Township being detained by the army for nearly 1.5 years called on the army to answer whether the detainees are still alive or not. The army arrested them near Tinma village in early March of 2020 when fighting took place between the army and the Arakan Army (AA). The situation remained unchanged although the families of the detainees and the MPs sent complaints to the President, the State Counsellor and the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission, about the burning down of Tinma village with more than 700 houses and the detention of 18 villagers.

Shan State

Fighting between the MNDAA (Kokang) and the military council has intensified in Pang Hseng sub-township and Monekoe sub-township in Muse Township in northern Shan State. Two civilians were killed by heavy shells in the fighting between the military council and the MNDAA, in Kyu Koke (Pang Hseng). Two victims killed in the fighting are the Chinese woman and her son from Pang Hseng. A total of 15 soldiers of the military council were killed and at least six others wounded in the fighting, according to a statement by Kokang News and Information Department. In the fighting, the MNDAA could retake a hill seized by the military council.

One civilian died in the fighting between two Shan armed groups in Namlam in the SSPP/SSA-controlled Hsipaw Township in late August. The SSPP/SSA arrested three villagers, according to the Shan Herald Agency for News. The number of IDPs displaced by fighting between ethnic armed organizations in Kyaukme Township within two months, has exceeded 2,500. The IDPs are in urgent need of food. The TNLA is compiling the list of rural population for the first time in Mongyal Township. Locals are concerned about the recruitment of new soldiers by the TNLA.

Brigade-1 of the SSPP/SSA urged the people to gather citing the knowledge dissemination on narcotic drugs in Naungaw village in Monghsu Township in southern Shan State. The SSPP/SSA arrested eight villagers, according to locals. On August 31st, the military council arrested seven youths accused of being PDF members, using excessive forces, in Lashio Township. Among detainees are two locals and the rest from other regions.

In addition to offensive operations on the ground, the military council fired more than 600 rounds of heavy weapons in Phaungsaing region in Monekoe Township on September 5th. One soldier from the MNDAA was killed and one other severely injured in the fighting. More than 700 locals from nearby villages have fled to downtown Monekoe due to intense fighting.

On September 6th, two bombs exploded on the Union Road heading to Lashio-Muse at the entrance to Theinni. No one was injured in the explosions. The Three Brotherhood Alliance group of the MNDAA, the TNLA and the AA issued a statement, calling on the armed organization to reduce military activities as much as they can as the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing battels has caused the security threat to the people.

Karenni State

Fighting took place between a combined force of the KNPP/KA and the KNDF and the military council in Loikaw Township in Karenni State at the end of August. The KA and the KNDF suffered minor losses while the military council suffered heavy losses, according to the statement by the KNDF. Indiscriminate firing of heavy weapons by the military council destroyed around 10 houses in the village. There are more than 5,000 IDPs in Loikaw Township, said an official of the Karenni Human Rights Organization.

Kachin State

Since August 20th, the military council has cut off internet access in Hpakant Township in Kachin State apart from the military bases. Mytel internet access is available only in the compound of Myanmar Thura Company in Namhmaw where the military council’s troops are stationed, according to locals. When asked about internet blackouts, the telecom companies replied that the internet access is not available due to the repairing of mobile towers. They cannot say exactly when internet access will be restored.

There is no separate internet shutdown in Hpakant, said Maj-Gen Zaw Min Tun. The KIA’s Spokesperson Col Naw Bu said internet shutdown may be linked to the fact that the KIO/KIA has to rely mainly on income generated from Hpakant. A youth who was placing the fishing net was shot dead by security soldiers from Myawaddy Bank, in Myothitgyi ward in Myitkyina, at night on August 31st.

According to the statement by Myanmar Anti-Narcotic Police, heroin worth over Ks-130 million was seized in Sethmu ward in Myitkyina.

South Eastern (Mon, Karen and Tanintharyi)

The NCA signed between ethnic armed revolutionary organizations and the government, is void, following the military coup,

The military council demanded the return of two camps seized by the KNLA in the KNU Dupalaryar District in Kyarinseikgyi Township in Karen State. The KNU has returned Karlikhee camp to the military council. Both sides are in talk on the return of Kyeik camp, the KNU said. On September 1st, fighting again took place between the KNLA and the military council’s troops, between Kyeik and Paingkadone villages. At the end of August, leaders of the BGF and the DKBA held a meeting with village administrators about the current armed conflict in Kyarinseikgyi.

A village administrator told the KIC that the BGF, the DKBA and the KNU took up arms for national affairs. No one can guarantee that there would be no fighting in that region. There will be an exchange of gunfire if one side starts firing shots. The NCA signed between ethnic armed revolutionary organizations and the government, is void, following the military coup, the KNU Concerned Group which is criticizing political and human rights situations about the KNU, issued a statement on September 2nd.

In its statement, the KNU Concerned Group said it would provide assistance for administrative, military and diplomatic affairs of the CRPH and the interim NUG which share the same goal of building up the union which can guarantee ethnic equality and self-determination. Since the last week of August, the military council continues its searches and arrests of NLD party members and CDM staff in Kyaikto Township in Mon State. The military council arrested three NLD members in Theinzayat Township on August 31st.

The military council’s troops fired shots at a woman who was waiting for her husband going fishing, in front of house and her husband, in Paung Township. The pregnant woman died on the spot and her husband was admitted to hospital due to severe injuries, according to the NMG. On August 28th, fighting took place between the PDF and the LID-106 of the military council for the first time in Yay Township.

The military council’s troops raided a PDF camp in Dawei Township in Taninthayi Region and burned down it at the end of August, resulting in a loss of Ks-100 millions. An unidentified group fired shots at the village administrator and party which were patrolling with arms in Thayetchaung Township. Two people were killed in the shootout, according to villagers.

On September 3rd, the KNLA carried out mine attacks on four military vehicles in Tarpaw village-tract in Belin Township. Two vehicles were destroyed and one solider of the military council was injured. On September 2nd, the military council is distributing pamphlets saying that it would drop the cases against CDM staffs in Palaw Township if they go back home, according to Palaw locals.

Upper Myanmar (Mandalay, Magway and Sagaing)

The Yadanbon Urban Revolutionary Force (YURF) was formed on August 30st. The YURF was formed as a Mandalay-based underground organization before the emergence of the NUG and other armed organizations. The official statement is aimed at making more engagement with the public.

On August 30th and 31st, the military-appointed administrators of Taungtha and Madaya Townships and former administrator of Myingyan Township were murdered. No one was injured in three explosions targeting the military council’s administrative mechanism on the morning of September 2nd in Mandalay, according to locals. At the end of August, the military council’s troops arrested two members of Phyusinmyitta Philanthropic Association in Pauk Township in Magway Region, for interrogation. The detainees were helping in the fight against COVID-19 and the availability of Oxygen since the first wave of COVID-19. At the end of August, seven soldiers of the military council were killed and many soldiers injured in a mine attack in Pauk Township.

A village-tract administrator was shot dead in Myothit Township, according to locals. In late August and in early September, fighting took place between local PDFs and the military council’s troops in Pale, Pauk and Depayin Townships in Sagaing Region. The military council’s troops suffered heavy casualties due to the mine attacks by the PDFs. On August 31st, 20 soldiers of the military council defected with arms in Kalay Township. Around 5,000 locals are fleeing to safer places as around 100 members of the military council were doing inspections and arrests in the villages in Tangse Township. Lower House MP Daw Khin San Hlaing of the Pale Township NLD was arrested by the military council while she was hiding at a house in Yangon.

On September 3rd, the military council’s troops arrested eight youths in Mindon Township in Magway Region, accusing them of being PDF members, according to locals. Due to the fighting between the PDF and the military council’s troops in Kalay on September 3rd and 4th, more than 10,000 locals have fled to safer places.

Lower Myanmar (Yangon, Irrawaddy, Bago)

Pyapon District Military council directed ward and village administrators in four townships in Pyapon District to take along catapults and daggers after the PDF sent a warning letter to the village administrator in Ayeyawady Region. The military council’s troops arrested former reporter Ko Myo San Soe in Pyapon Township while he was helping in the availability of Oxygen. The military council’s troops arrested six locals in Nyaunglebin District in Bago Region on August 31st and then released a pastor citing being old, according to the KNU’s statement.

The military council’s troops arrested eight youths from wards and villages, accusing them of being PDF members

The military council is collecting the list of the persons who will attend the people’s militia training course in wards of Bago. Due to the massive enrollment, the military council has to cast lots for registration. The administrators have urged the people to do the household lists and ask for copies of household lists. They are also collecting the lists of young males. The military council recruits at least 10 to 40 people from each ward. Men who are unable to attend the course have to pay Ks-1,500 to Ks 2,000, according to locals.

More than 30 women imprisoned under Section 505 (a) of the Penal Code were moved from Insein prison in Yangon to other prisons in the regions and states, lawyers and family members said.

Shots were fired at a couple who served as informants and sold two-digit lottery tickets in Hlaing Township. The husband died on the spot and his wife was wounded in the shootout. The Mingaladon-PDF made an alliance with the People’s Guerilla Force (Mingaladon Township). They would cooperate with other PDFs in respective townships in order to root out the military council and totally end the military dictatorship. A small military vehicle was bombed in Hlegu Township. Casualties are still unknown. A member of the administrative body in Hlaingthayar Township was shot dead.

The military council’s troops arrested eight youths from wards and villages in Pathein Township, accusing them of being PDF members, according to locals.On September 2nd, the military council’s troops raided the home for the aged in Hinthada Township and checked funds and records. On September 5th, a bomb exploded at a condominium in Mayangon Township in Yangon Region, killing a security guard of the condominium and a man, according to locals.

National Unity Government

Military Council

  • The Revolution Congress has called on the people to stage a public protest on September 11st.CDM soldiers earnestly apologize for the army’s offenses committed against the public.
  • The NUG has warned eight companies to suspend their illegal investments.
  • ASEAN labour unions support the NUG.
  • 19 PDFs formed the SRBN.
  • The number of soldiers and police members who have defected to the public has reached around 2,500.
  • The National Unity Government (NUG) called on the international community to put pressure on the military council to stop offensive operations and war crimes in ethnic areas
  • ViceSenior General Soe Win goes to Russia.Registration process for over 4 M people will take at least 18 months: SAC Chief
  • The military council has directed civil servants to courageously say there is no Rohingya race in Myanmar.
  • The military council transformed the Office of the AttorneyGeneral into the Ministry of Legal Affairs.
  • The UEC inspects finance, assets and members of political parties.
  • The military council’s tissue culture banana project kicks off.
  • MajGen Zaw Myo Tin, Commander of Nay Pyi Taw Command becomes the Chief of Armed Forces Training.

International Arena

At the Regular Press Conference, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Webin said we hope that all parties and groups in Myanmar will proceed from the long-term interests of the country and people, and seek a proper solution through political dialogue within the constitutional and legal framework.

China’s Special Envoy for Asian Affairs paid a visit to Myanmar from August 21st to 28th without any prior announcement. During his tour, the Chinese special envoy held talks with the military leaders about Myanmar’s future political affairs, according to the statement by the Chinese embassy.

Brunei’s Second Foreign Affairs Minister Erywan Yusof who is the ASEAN’s Special Envoy hopes to begin a Myanmar tour soon and meet detained Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the leaders of the military council. The United States is providing more than $50 million in critical humanitarian assistance to the people of Burma, among them over 700,000 refugees and other internally displaced in the country, according to the facebook page of the US Embassy.

Family of detained US journalist Danny Fenster working for Frontier Myanmar called for the immediate release after 100 days of detention. The UK has frozen all UK assets held by business tycoon U Tay Za and his Htoo Group of Companies for financial and weapons support to the Myanmar military.

The London-based Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) issued a statement on September 1st, saying that Italy imported Myanmar timbers via the black market, turning a blind eye to the EU’s sanctions after the military coup in Myanmar.

Erywan Yusof, the second foreign minister of Brunei and the special ASEAN envoy to Myanmar said in an interview with the Kyodo News that he has called for a four-month ceasefire by all sides in the country’s conflict to enable the smooth delivery of the first batch of humanitarian assistance to the country expected as early as mid-September. The military council also agreed to the call for ceasefire.

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