Locals from more than 20 villages in Kutkai Township face livelihood difficulties

The people from more than 20 villages in Kyutkai Township in northern Shan State are facing livelihood difficulties, according to the villagers and aid groups.

Locals said they were unable to go outside to earn their living due to the current political situation, regional armed conflicts and COVID-19. As a result, they are facing more and more difficulties.

A local from Manyan village said: “I have other difficulties. I have no income. My children cannot earn their living. I cannot go anywhere when there is the spread of COVID-19.”

A female local from Manyan village said: “The people from around 20 villages including Manyan, Manaungsusee, Kyaungpyin, Panlon, Pansay, Manpein, Kaunglein, Narwaing, Manlwal and Phawaw are facing livelihood difficulties. I face more difficulties than before. Our family cannot survive as we have to rely only on my husband. What I fear most is the shutdown of Kutkai market. I can buy food when the market opens.”

An official of the Freelance Kutkai Youth Group said: “Today, we donate basic foodstuff in Manyan village in Kutkai Township. The people from the village contacted our Freelance group as they are in need of foodstuff. We made a donation after collecting money and materials.”

From the third week of August till the first week of October, Freelance Kutkai Youth Group donated basic foodstuffs to more than 20 villages in Kutkai Township.

On October 4th, the youth group also donated some food for locals in Phawaw and Manlwal villages.

At the end of September, the group donated rice, edible oil, salt, onion and dried fishes for 25 households in Manyan village in Kyutkai Township.

A 60-year-old man from Manyan village said: “I would like to express special thanks for the donation at a time when we cannot go anywhere.”

The youth group said it could donate foodstuff twice per village. It is not a political organization. It was founded by local youths to help those in need.

The official of the Freelance Kutkai Youth Group said: “We are providing aid to the villages as much as we can when those in need ask for the help.”

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