Sagaing Region sees more deployments, the total number of IDPs reaches around 100,000

October 8th, 2021

The total number of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) has reached around 100,000 after the military council cut off internet and mobile in Sagaing Region. The military council is increasing troop deployments in Sagaing Region, according to locals and relevant organizations.

“The total number of IDPs is estimated to reach around 100,000 for the region as a whole. The region sees the rising number of IDPs as they don’t dare to stay in the villages. The people from the villages in Shwebo Township and Kani, Yinmarbin and Minkin Townships along Chindwin River. This is the estimated number of IDPs. The actual number is expected to be higher than that,” a local said.

It is difficult to collect the exact number of IDPs due to transportation difficulties although the number of conflict-hit villages is increasing, he added.

Locals are unable to harvest beans, pulses and sesame crops as they have gone into hiding.

The military council is carrying out increased deployments of tanks, cannons, weapons and thousands of troops to Pinlebu, Kawlin, Katha and Tigyaing Townships in the upper Sagaing Region where the internet is cut off. More IDPs are flocking to Pinlebu and Yinmarbin Townships due to the deployments in some villages.

A local told the KNG: “All the people from 11 villages have fled to safer places. The total number of the IDPs has exceeded 10,000. The actual number of the IDPs on the ground is higher than that.

All locals from Ohnpin, Yonepin, Sartaungpone, Myaganaing, Ingar, Kani, Wanbein, Naungmu, Naungyin, Kyokyarwin, Theinzein and KyaukU villages in Pinlebu Township have to flee to safer place.

“The military council is increasing its deployments in Sagaing Region every day. The people in some villages have to flee to safer places for a short period of time while the people in some villages have to go into hiding for a longer period of time. Due to internet shutdown, we find it difficult to compile the exact number of IDPs, according to the organizations in Sagaing Region.

There was intense fighting between the military council’s troops and local PDFs, near Mu River in Sagaing Region from September 22nd to 24th. The military council’s troops suffered heavy casualties. The People’s Defence Force (PDF) could seize many weapons, according to the statement by the National Unity Government (NUG).

The military council has cut off the internet in Ayardaw, Yinmarbin, Kani, Pale, YayU, Butalin and Taze Townships since October 23rd and in Wontho, Pinlebu and Kawlin Townships since September 26th.

On September 25th, the military council deployed more troops in Sarponetaung village in Pinlebu Township.

The military council cut off the internet at around 5 am on September 26th and bombed Wanbein village in Pinlebu Township.

A local from Kawlin Township said: “The situations in downtown Kawlin, Wontho and Pinlebu are running as usual. Sometimes, some bomb blasts occurred in Kawlin. There were no reports of casualties. Locals from some villages in Pinlebu fled to safer places as the military council’s troops entered the villages. So far, there are no reports of arson attacks.”

Currently, the military council’s troops in plainclothes are carrying out violence acts against the locals in villages and townships of Sagaing Region, posing as villagers. Due to it, some local youths from Shwebo Township died in the crackdown.

Shwebo PDF issued a warning letter dated on October 6th, calling on the public to avoid using the town-to-town road and the district-to-district roads in Sagaing Region from 5 am to 7 pm.

Sent by the KNG.

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