Armed Conflict and The Environment in Myanmar – Issue 31

International community has witnessed that battlefield situations in Myanmar have reached the worst stage during about ten months of the military coup since February 1st. Fighting continues between the military council’s troops and local defense forces, underground groups, ethnic armed organizations (EAOs) and local people’s defense forces across the country.

On the other hand, the military council is making all-out efforts to generate income. The military council is using money generated from offshore natural gas and oil businesses which can generate millions of dollars and working to generate income from all different sectors including timber extraction, the sale of timber and jade mining. On the other hand, local defense forces, the National Unity Government (NUG) and the EAOs are seeking every possible means to cut off the inflow of illegal income into the military council. Under this circumstance, illegal groups and companies are seeking every possible way to carry out the extraction of natural resources.

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