Mindat Public Administrative Body helps more than 6,000 students to pursue education

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January 20th, 2022

Under the leadership of the Education Department of the Mindat Township Public Administrative Body, volunteer teachers are teaching more than 6,000 students in Mindat Township of the southern Chin State where the military council troops are conducting offensives in order that the school-age children can pursue their education.

In October, 2021, this education program started in Mindat Township.

At the beginning, more than 200 teachers taught 3,343 children from more than 80 villages.

Now, more than 1,000 teachers are teaching more than 6,000 teachers from more than 130 villages.

Salai Yaw Mann, Spokesperson of the Mindat Township Public Administrative Body said: “There are 858 teachers trained by the team and 6,282 students from 136 villages. The total number of teachers including those who are involved in teaching has exceeded around 1,000. There is no teaching in four or five villages close to the offensive areas. But it can be said that teaching is reported in almost all villages.”

Teaching face difficulties as the military council has stepped up security in Mindat Township and is carrying out the seizure of school materils, he said.

“At present, our difficulty is the availability of blank books and text books. The military council has even banned the import of pencils. We also need colour pencils and erasers. Teachers have put their efforts in teaching. It is not enough although we have teachers and students. We have other needs,” he continued.

The few students are attending the schools although the military council has reopened the schools across the country including Chin State.

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