Media Report from 2018 World Peace Summit:

Peace Festival Held in Inchoen, World Leaders Asks UN to Adopt Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War

Inchoen, South Korea: 18th September 2018: About 50,000 Korean audiences and the leaders from around the world held the 4th Peace Festival in Inchoen Asia Main Stadium in Soeul, and the world leaders asked the international community and UN to adopt a resolution to confirm for Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW).

Peace Festival held in Inchoen, South Korea, with many parades from Korea citizens

In the Peace Festival, which is organized the largest Korean civil society organization or NGO, Heavenly Culture, World Peace, and Restoration of Light (HWPL), and about 50,000 members of HWPL joined in the event, and other remaining members held their festival in their respective cities around South Korea, and they watched the large TV screen displayed in their communities in participating the ceremonies along with other communities around the world.

This festival is held while South Korea Prime Minister Mr. Jae In Moon, have a peace dialogue with North Korea leader, Kim Jong-un, in Pyone Yang, the capital of North Korea, and the audiences and the world leaders were urging for the reunification of two Koreas – South and North, and asked for peace and disarmament of nuclear weapon.
Many world elder leaders, former President and Prime Ministers, Judges, and International law experts have joined to the Peace Festival, and delivered their speeches to maintain world peace with a slogan of “We Are One” for world peace-making. They also urged the current world leaders who are in power, to approve the HWPL initiated Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW), which has 10 Articles and 38 clauses.

The former Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina addressed as, “Peace is everything, without peace is not else impossible. Killing, genocides were taken by triggers of guns by the soldiers, but they just listened to their leaders and commanders. Who is responsible for these crimes? Peace must be upheld with justice, and there is no place for war criminals”.
The people are cheering for his speech, and other leaders, from Romania, Ukraine, Burundi, Guyana, Kyrgystan, and Nepal, also delivered the speeches. Over 1000 participants are from outside of Korea, and they are political leaders, religious leaders, CSOs, lawyers, educational workers and journalists. Then, many members from the International Women Peace Group and International Peace Youth Group.

The Chairman of HWPL, Chairman Man Hee Lee, also commented in his address that, “Without the people, there is no nation. Without a nation, there is no President. Reflecting the yearnings of the people, I earnestly asked the Presidents to support the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPWC)”.

HWPL and the global leaders from various countries, religions, youths, women, education leaders and media, are agreeing to push for the confirmation of DPWC, and proposed in UN Assembly to adopt it as a binding laws to the global governments, with a key purposes of reducing weapons and stopping war.

The Peace Festival was started with welcoming of all international guesses and HWPL leaders, and then, there were totally a dozen of performance by Korean men, women, and youths. Some performances were based on Korean traditions, and some are creative arts by youths.

According to the Department of Public Relations of HWPL, there are about 200, 000 members of HWPL, and they could not come, but held the festival in their cities. There are about 20 cities held the festival at the similar time. They also confirmed that there are nearly 100 locations around the world have held the festival by appreciating World Alliance of Religious Peace (WARP) and 2018 World Peace Summit.

Nai Kasauh Mon, Mon News Agency/ Burma News International