Peace Monitoring Dashboard: March 2020

Peace Monitoring Dashboard: February 2020

Peace Monitoring Dashboard: January 2020

Peace Monitoring Dashboard: December 2019

Peace Monitoring Dashboard: August 2019

Clash:  21 Meeting:  6 IDP:  8000+ Peace process highlights Locals and MPs in Rakhine State are calling on the Gov’t Military to follow existing laws when they take action against people living in conflict-affected areas of the state UNFC decided to temporarily suspend some of its activities as members drift apart The Conflict in northern […]

Peace Monitoring Dashboard: July 2019

NCA Signatory EAOs Met in Chiang Mai to overcome deadlock in talks with the government, Tatmadaw and other EAOs
U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Myanmar Commander-in-chief over minority Rohingyas in Myanmar Massscres

Peace Monitoring Dashboard: June 2019

Clash: 27 Meeting: 4 IDP: 9000 Peace process highlights Woman injured from artillery shell explosion when clash erupted near Shwetamar village in Minbya Township, N-Rakhine on 2 June At least five civilians killed when artillery landed near a monastery sheltering in N-Rakhine State’s rural Minbya area Hundreds of Shan State Villagers Call on Tatmadaw to […]

Peace Monitoring Dashboard: May 2019

20 3 1900+ Peace process highlights Aung San Suu Kyi and religious leaders agree that peace in Myanmar needs unity and understanding KNU and NMSP reach agreement to prevent further dispute in Three Pagodas Pass area SSPP and RCSS released joint statement on ceasefire agreed Military Chief Pardoned Soldiers Involved in Rohingya Massacre Myanmar Army […]