Peace Monitoring Dashboard: June 2019

Clash: 27 Meeting: 4 IDP: 9000 Peace process highlights Woman injured from artillery shell explosion when clash erupted near Shwetamar village in Minbya Township, N-Rakhine on 2 June At least five civilians killed when artillery landed near a monastery sheltering in N-Rakhine State’s rural Minbya area Hundreds of Shan State Villagers Call on Tatmadaw to […]

Peace Monitoring Dashboard: May 2019

20 3 1900+ Peace process highlights Aung San Suu Kyi and religious leaders agree that peace in Myanmar needs unity and understanding KNU and NMSP reach agreement to prevent further dispute in Three Pagodas Pass area SSPP and RCSS released joint statement on ceasefire agreed Military Chief Pardoned Soldiers Involved in Rohingya Massacre Myanmar Army […]

Peace Monitoring Dashboard: April 2019

Clash: 18 Meeting: 2 IDP: 2000+ Peace process highlights Rakhine conflict must not target Civilian UN appeal Bangladesh Urged Myanmar to prevent Border shooting Fighting in Rakhine State Claims Myanmar Officer, as Many as 20 Soldiers Later five of NSCN-K leaders were released but five others remain in Myanmar Tatmadaw custody Myanmar Army Launches Helicopter […]

Peace Monitoring Dashboard: March 2019

Clash: 31 Meeting: 10 IDP: 9700+ Peace process highlights Police Convoy Attacked in Northern Rakhine; Locals Say Officers Killed Bangladesh tells UN it will no longer take in Myanmar refugees Village Administrators in Myanmar’s Rakhine State Resign En Masse Over Detentions PEACE PROCESS: Northern Alliance met government representative in Kunming Chinese Envoy Offered Rohingya Money […]

Peace Monitoring Dashboard: February 2019

Clash: 27 Meeting: 6 IDP: 3400+ Peace process highlights Kachin Locals Re-Affirm Call to Permanently Halt Myitsone Dam Hundreds of Arakanese, Chin Flee to Bangladesh as Army, AA Clash in Paletwa Burmese Army plan designated camps for NSCN-K rebels Thousands of Protesters Call For Termination of Dam Project in Myanmar’s Kachin State AA Deputy Leader […]

Peace Monitoring Dashboard: January 2019

Clash: 23 Meeting: 16 IDP:1100+ Peace process highlights Rakhine Insurgents Kill 13 Policemen, Injure Nine Others in Myanmar Outpost Attacks Concern Mounts for IDPs in Northern Rakhine as Army Blocks Aid Shipments Rakhine State government bans NGO visits to conflict areas KNU, RCSS must make clear timeframe for suspension of talks Kachin Leaders Condemn Chinese […]

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