“People are finally determined to take up arms to fight against military dictatorship, believing that taking up arms is the last resort. I am really proud of them. I really respect and admire their determination.” Colonel Al Mwee (Karenni Army)

Interview with No. (1) Tactical Officer of Karenni Army (K-Army) 15 June 2021 In Karenni State, the fighting between People’s Defense Forces and the brutal military troops has broken out since 21 May and it has caused more than 100,000 persons displaced their places. Regarding the ground situation, we caught up with Colonel Al Mwee […]

“This is the right time for our Karen people. No need to trust nor listen to Military Council. Stepping forward in accord with NCA is just the waste of time.” Colonel Saw Nerdah Mya (Military Chief – KNDO)

Interview with KNDO Military Chief Colonel Saw Nerdah Mya 8 June 2021 The joint force of Karen National Defense Organization (KNDO) and other armed groups including DKBA Splinter Group has been fighting with the forces of Military Council in Myawaddy township, Kayin State. We caught up with KNDO Military Chief Colonel Saw Nerdah Mya with […]

“Battles will extend to Loikaw. Loikaw people could not ignore what is happening in Demoso. Attacking Demoso is like attacking Loikaw. We need to help each other through the bond of brotherhood.” KNDF

Interview with Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF) 7 June 2021 Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF) was formed on 31 May through uniting all People’s Defense Forces (PDFs) in various townships which are fighting against military troops across Karenni State.

“Geographically, the battles can start only after crossing the NMSP’s controlled areas. They still require permission from NMSP even if they withdraw after the battle.” Interview with ENAC’s Executive Director Dr. Pon Nya Mon

8 June 2021 Dr. Pon Nya Mon, a Mon ethnic expert and a Ph.D graduate from Indiana University of the United States of America via Political Science specialization, is currently working as an executive director in Ethnic Nationalities Affairs Centre (ENAC).

“We are Fighting to get Democracy for the Whole Country, not only for Mindat. We are Fighting for the Truth.” A Responsible Person for Mindat Refugees

Interview with the responsible person or the collaborator for Mindat refugees 22 May 2021 In Mindat, Chin State, after the negotiated promise has broken between Civil Defense Force (CDF) and military council, the battles has resumed by May 12 and then military council declared to impose Mindat under martial law on May 13.

“We all are fighting to culminate dictatorship. Each life lost is precious. Fighting together without discrimination is vital. Our revolution must succeed.” Salai Boris (CDF spokesperson)

Interview with Salai Boris, spokesperson of Chinland Defense Force (CDF) 8 May 2021 After Military Council improperly took the power from civilian government on February 1 2021, Chinland Defense Force (CDF) was formed on April 4 with the intention to prohibit the brutal actions of military dictators, including such as arresting, torturing whilst interrogation and […]

“I want to hearten the youths. When you are diving into politics or making a revolution, you have to be sacrificed for bloodshed or failure and you may also be beaten. This is the nature of revolution.” Khu Daniel (KNPP Secretary 2)

Interview with the Secretary 2 of Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP) 2 May 2021 We caught up for interview with Khu Daniel, the Secretary 2 of Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP), concerning around 70 youths who had been arrested by military council on April 30 in Hpruso.

“The first thing the PDF has to do is make itself a strong force. This is more important.” Author Than Soe Naing (Political Analyst)

Interview with Author Than Soe Naing (Political Analyst) 11 May 2021 The resistance of the public against military coup is still robust in various ways. All of the resistances such as the CDM movement of government employees, the several colorful protests of millions of citizens, the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH) which was formed with […]

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