“It is sure that the women themselves have to participate in the armed revolution by keeping abreast of the men. I believe that the role of women may improve as soon as the Spring Revolution comes to an end.” Ma Amara, information officer of the M2W

An interview with Ma Amara, information officer of the M2W 28th June 2022 Since the coup, the armed revolution against the military has entered over one year. The total number of the People’s Defense Forces (PDFs) across the country has exceeded 100. Many female members are participating in the armed revolution. There are very few […]

“I would like to implore the public as we cannot defend the public to the utmost. We would like to request the public to pluck up courage. We would like to affirm that we will root out the military council by helping and defending the public to the utmost.” The information officer of DEF-PDF

An interview with the information officer of the Dawei East Forest-People’s Defense Force (DEF-PDF) June 28th, 2022 In recent days, the military council has been committing the violence acts such as raids, the arrests and killings of innocent people and the burning of houses in some areas in Launglon Township in Tanintharyi Region. The Than […]

“The military burned two detainees in a corn plantation and other two persons in a house. One detainee was dragged along the road and shot in his temple and abdomen.” A villager from Inma village in ChaungU Township

An interview with a local from Inma village in ChaungU Township June 21th, 2022 The military column abducted eight villages including three women in Nyaungbintae village in ChaungU Township in Sagaing Region. Then, five men were burned to death by the military, according to the locals. The NMG interviewed a villager about the violation of […]

“Except for two schools in downtown Kani, all the schools are being operated under the UNG’s program. Ninety-seven per cent of the schools including high schools and middle schools open under the NUG program” U Tun Tun Win (The elected candidate from the 2020 General Election in Kani Township)

An interview with U Tun Tun Win, the elected candidate from the 2020 General Election in Kani Township June 20th, 2022 The military council has reopened the basic education schools across the country. At the same time, the National Unity Government (NUG) is accepting enrollment by introducing the federal education programs.

“The military is not a legitimate government. It has no authority to hold the election. The military’s plan to hold the election aims to return to the political stage through the back-door.” U Aung Moe Zaw, Chair of the DPNS

An interview with U Aung Moe Zaw, Chair of the Democratic Party for a New Society (DPNS) June 20th, 2022 The military council has announced that it would hold the election in August, 2023 with the Proportional representation (PR) system. On June 10th, the DPNS issued a statement, saying that it would not recognize the […]

“I decided not to send my four children to the school as I have no trust in the military’s slavery education and feel sympathy for the internally displaced children and the families whose houses were burned down.” A student parent from Hpa-An

An interview with a woman from Hpa-An, whose children are not sent to the school opened by the military council. June 20th, 2022 The military council reopened basic education schools and universities after last year’s coup in an attempt to show that the country has returned to normal. The military council held the matriculation exam […]

“The international community needs to pressure the military council for the handover of the cases to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in order that the military council can take accountability for all the crimes the soldiers committed.” Naw Htoo Htoo, Director of the KHRG

An interview with Naw Htoo Htoo, Director of the Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) June 20th, 2022 On June 8th, the KHRG released a report on the Denied and Deprived: Local communities onfronting the humanitarian crisis and protection challenges in Southeast Burma.” The following is an interview with Naw Htoo Htoo, Director of the KHRG.

“The answer is clear. There is no reason for vote rigging. They lost the election whatever the situation was. The problems arose inside the army as soldiers cast their votes for the NLD.” The CDM sergeant from LIB-72

An interview with a sergeant who defected to the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF). June 20 th, 2022 On June 3rd, a 29-year-old sergeant from Light Infantry Battalion-72 of the military council joined the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) by defecting to the Battalion-10 of the KNDF along with arms.

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