“The military council doesn’t place emphasis on the right to life according to human rights. Locals have been displaced by the military council’s reinforcement of troops. Locals also face a high risk of COVID-19. Now we are in a very difficult situation”: U Aung San Myint, Secretary-2 of the KNPP

An interview with Secretary-2 of the Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP) 27 July 2021 The National Unity Government (NUG) formed the National-Level Commission on the Prevention, Control and Treatment of COVID-19 on July 8th. Khu Palu Reh and U Aung San Myint are included in the commission as members, representing the Karenni State. U Aung […]

“Most of the IDPs have no much trust although the military council urges the IDPs to return to their homes”

An interview with an official of the IDP Camp Management Committee(Mindat) July 16th, 2021 The Mindat-Civil Defense Force (CDF) has made a 14-day ceasefire agreement with the military council from June 20th to July 4th. The ceasefire comes after mediation and negotiation by the town-elders in Mindat Township of Chin State. Plan is under way […]

“Action will be taken against those who commit the wrongdoing against the public. Soldiers who commit the wrongdoing shall face action according to the military rules. It is just the investigation stage but not the stage of how to take action”: KNU Vice-Chair Padoh Saw Kwe Htoo Win

An interview with the vice-chair of the Karen National Union (KNU) July 13th, 2021 The KIC asked Padoh Saw Kwe Htoo Win, Vice-Chair of the KNU about the letter issued on July 8th on the temporary suspension of Brig-Gen Saw Ner Dah Mya, Chief of the Karen National Defense Organization (KNDO) and his subordinate Lieutenant […]

“We will turn our members into federal citizens after the military dictatorship is taken down. We will become the civilians under the civilian government elected by the public”: KNDF

An interview with a member of the leading committee of the Karenni National Defense Force (KNDF) July 9th, 2021 The Karenni National Defense Force (KNDF) is one of the shining examples in the Spring Revolution. The KNDF is the collection of the People’s Defense Forces in Townships in Karenni State. The KNDF destroyed some army […]

“Females are arrested for the protests against the military dictatorship. In the civil-war like situation, many people have gone into hiding due to the airstrikes and artillery shelling by the military council’s troops” Ma Tin Tin Nyo, Advisor for BWU

Interview with Ma Tin Tin Nyo , Advisor the Burma Women’s Union (BWU) 6 July 2021 Since the military coup, there have been reports of sexual harassment against women and the violations of women rights not only in the ethnic areas but also in the urban areas, said the activists working for women rights. The […]

“The people in major cities such as Yangon and Mandalay are also fighting against military dictatorship. Therefore, even if our KIA does not fight, there are many groups, like PDFs, that will make military operation.” Colonel Naw Buu (KIO/KIA)

25 June 2021 Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) Information Center Officer warned the Kachin people to have military alert and prepare security requirements since battles can take place even in urban areas at any time. Moreover, the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) attacked the compound gate at the entrance of Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin State, and […]

“Since it was the battle-zone, the heavy artilleries hit a lot of houses. They do have nothing to eat. For support, we could not go there by car because such village is located in the battle-zone.” Responsible person from Lukse Camp

Interview with a Catholic Bishop who is the responsible person for Lukse Camp in Mindat 17 June 2021 In Mindat, Chin State, the negotiated agreement between the military troops and the People’s Defense Force had been annulled and the fighting resumed on May 12. And later the Military Council declared martial law in Mindat on […]

“People are finally determined to take up arms to fight against military dictatorship, believing that taking up arms is the last resort. I am really proud of them. I really respect and admire their determination.” Colonel Al Mwee (Karenni Army)

Interview with No. (1) Tactical Officer of Karenni Army (K-Army) 15 June 2021 In Karenni State, the fighting between People’s Defense Forces and the brutal military troops has broken out since 21 May and it has caused more than 100,000 persons displaced their places. Regarding the ground situation, we caught up with Colonel Al Mwee […]

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