“As Min Aung Hlaing staged a coup with the use of arms, NUG/ CRPH plans to make revolution by taking up arms. Our ethnic armed organizations have lost our ways and faced difficulty in seeking the solution to the problem through the dialogue.” Col Naw Bu (KIO/KIA)

An interview with Colonel Naw Bu, Spokesperson of the KIO (headquarters) October 14th, 2021 Since early October, the military council has been sending rations to Tanai in Kachin State with the use of around 60 military vehicles. The military council carried out aerial strikes on the Battalion-26 and 35 under the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) […]

“We don’t intrude into the southern territory of the RCSS. The reason is the places where fighting is taking place were controlled by the SSPP. That’s why we have to fight back in self-defense” Major Sai Phone Han, Spokesperson the SSPP

An interview with the spokesperson of the SSPP 12th Oct 2021 Fighting which erupted between the SSPP and the RCSS over territorial dispute, continues till date. Dialogue has not materialized yet although the SSPP and the RCSS have issued statements about their desires to hold a dialogue in recent days. Shan political parties, social organizations […]

“The people shall face more difficulties as long as fighting lasts longer. Fighting would bring no benefits to our ethnic people. Our enemies would benefit from it” Major Sai Kham San (Spokesperson of the RCSS)

An interview with the spokesperson of the RCSS September 11th, 2021 There is intense fighting between the Shan State Progressive Party (SSPP) and the Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) in Kyaukme and Hsipaw Townships in northern Shan State and Kyethi and Mongkai Townships in southern Shan State.

“The crucial point is the NUG and especially officials from the National League for Democracy (NLD) need to understand the ways of how to make preparations for the establishment of the future federal while making the revolution. We have no discrimination. Don’t centralize the federal system” KNPP Chair Abel Tweed

An interview with KNPP Chair Abel Tweed October 6th, 2021 The Kantaryawaddy Time (KT) interviewed Abel Tweed, Chair of the Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP) about the current armed conflicts, the military council’s activities in Karenni State, the KNPP’s stand and the future federal democratic union.

“I decided to take up arms as I felt annoyed with the bullies and tortures of the unarmed people by the armed people” A female revolutionist who takes up arms

An interview with a female who is carrying out revolution in Karenni State October 4th, 2021 Sai Phone Min Thant who came to the Karenni State via Mandalay to root out the military regime recently sacrificed his life in the fighting with the military council’s troops on September 20th. The Kantaryawaddy Time interviewed a female […]

More than 2,700 locals flee fighting between two Shan armed groups in Mong Kung Township

September 20th, 2021 More than 2,700 locals have been displaced as fighting between Shan armed groups have intensified in Mong Kung Township in southern Shan State.

“Now, regardless of plain and hill regions and organizations, it is the duty of our entire people to fight against the army in order to achieve our revolution” Pu Htet Ni (Spokesperson – CNF)

An interview with the CNF’s Spokesperson Pu Htet Ni September 7th, 2021 The Chin National Front (CNF) is an ethnic armed revolutionary organization which has been revolutionizing the successive military governments in Chin State.

“Although it is a good thing that our leaders want to come to the table to solve the political problem by political means, according to the enemy’s tactics the enemy is buying time without any political talks. There will be a battle if the army solves the problem by military means.” Padoh Saw Lar Stan, Secretary of the KNU Dupalaryar District

An interview with Secretary of KNU-Brigade-6 (Dupalaryar District) September 6th, 2021 The KIC interviewed Padoh Saw Lar Stan, Secretary of the Karen National Union (KNU) Dupalaryar District about armed conflict, activities of the terrorist military council’s troops and the KNU’s stand, in the KNU-Brigade-6 (Dupalaryar District).

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