United Wa State Party

၀ပြည် သွေးစည်းညီညွတ်ရေး တပ်မတော်

Political wing: United Wa State Party (UWSP)
Government Name: Shan State (North) Special Region-2
Armed wing: United Wa State Army (UWSA)



Founded: 17 April 1989
Headquarters: Pangkham (also known as Phangsang)
Operational Area: Pangsang, Mongma, Pangwai, Nahphan, Mongpawt, Hopan, Mak Marng,
Mongton, Mong Hsat, Tachileik, Mong Pan, Mongyaung
Estimated strength: 30,000 (reserve 30,000)
Leader: Bao You Xiang

The UWSP administers 6 designated townships of the Wa Self-Administered Division as
stipulated in the 2008 Constitution. Its offi cial name was announced by decree on 20 Aug.
2010. The UWSP rejected the government’s Border Guard Force scheme in 2009. The
group maintains close ties with China (both politically and economically) and uses Chinese
as the party’s working language.

The UWSP military wing the Wa army is estimated to number 30,000 troops and 10,000
auxiliary members. They are the largest ethnic army in Myanmar and reported to be a major
player in the opium, heroin and amphetamine drug trade. However the UWSA control area
has been declared drug free and the group owns large business conglomerate Thawda
Win Company, formerly known as the Hong Pang Group.It was originally formed from
members of the Communist Party of Burma (CPB) following its collapse in 1989.

With the 2008 constitution, UWSP/UWSA established Wa self-administration region
composed of Hopang, Mongmau, Panwai, Nahpah, Metman and Panghsang (Pangkham)
township in Shan state. UWSA hosted ethnic summit two times in its
headquarters Panghsang. UWSA attended the first Union Peace Conference and presented
their proposal to recognize ‘autonomous Wa state’. UWSA representatives attended the
21th Century Panglong conference but they left the conference before the end.

The UWSA has 5 divisions deployed along the Thai-Myanmar border and 3 divisions on
China-Myanmar border.

On Thai-Myanmar border:
1.778th Division
2.772nd Division
3.775th Division
4.248th Division
5.518th Division

On China-Myanmar border:
1.318th Division
2.418th Division
3.468th Division
4.618th Division

CEC Members:
Chairman: Bao You Xiang
Vice-Chairman: Bao You Yi
Vice-Chairman: Xiao Mingliang (Shauk Ming Lyan)
Commander-in-chief: Bao You Xiang
Deputy commander in chief: Zhao Zhongdang
Spokesperson: Li Zhulie aka U Aung Myint

In charge of external affairs: Zhao Guo-ann
Deputy in charge of external
affairs: Sam Khun
Supreme court chief: Li Zhao Guo
In charge of fi nance and business
affairs: Bao You Liang

Ceasefire & Peace Process

1st ceasefi re signing group.

Stage 1: State level ceasefire 6 Sept 2011
Stage 2: Union level ceasefire 25 Dec 2011
Previous ceasefire: 18 May 1989
# Post-Ceasefi re Clashes: none
● Occasional tension with Tatmadaw.
● UWSA troops occupied NDAA posts in 2016 after they had tension.

Official delegation team


Liaison offices

1. Lashio
2. Tang Yang
3. Keng Tung
4. Tachileik
5. Taung Gyi
6. Mandalay
7. Yangon





 # Date Location Armed Group Rep Govt Rep Details
106/09/2011KengtungBao YouliangAung ThaungNew State level ceasefire agreement
Other govt delegates: Thein Zaw
201/10/2011LashioXiao Ming LiangAung ThaungUnion level meeting
The UWSP agreed not to secede from the Union. Discussions included: the reopening of education, health and liaison offices, reassignment of staff, drug eradication in cooperation with the government, implementing measures for border region development, arrangements made for economic-driven industries.
Related agreements were signed.
326/12/2011PangsangXiao Ming LiangAung ThaungUnion Level 6 Point agreement
Govt rep Aung Thaung urged the UWSP to take part in the upcoming by-elections expected to take place early next year.
409/05/2012PangsangunknownunknownRegime officials visit Panghsang, Shan state for meeting with UWSA officials.
517/08/2012Wiangkao and PangsangXiao Ming LiangDeputy Border Affairs minister Maj Gen Zaw WinOfficial visits by Maj Gen Zaw Win to the Wa area:
16 August – Wiangkao, inspects Songpu hydropower plant
17 August – Panghsang, meets Xiao Minliang, Bao Youri, Zhao Zhongdang, Bao Youliang, Ai Lone, Zhao Guo-ang, U Aung Myint, Bo Laikham and others. Delivers K 30 million allowance and K 66 million for rice.
Other UWSA delegates: Bao Youri, Zhao Zhongdang, Bao Youliang, Ai Lone, Zhao Guo-ang, U Aung Myint, Bo Laikham and others
606/10/2012KengtungXiao Ming LiangMyanmar army chief vice-snr Gen. Min Aung HlaingBoth sides agreed to cooperate in eradicating drugs.
716/11/2012PangsangXiao Ming LiangMyanmar armed forces Northeastern Region commander Brig-Gen Aung SoeBrig-Gen Aung Soe met with Vice-Chairman Xiao Mingliang for discussions. The brigadier-general also visited a facility of the UWSA’s Hongbang Company.
804/12/2012PangsangXiao Ming LiangAung MinUnion level meeting
The discussions centered on economic and development programmes.
UWSA officials were invited to Nay Pyi Taw to study Hluttaw sessions. The govt delegation presented cash assistance of over K 290 million for regional development, as well as layers and broilers. They also visited Mongmaw region and Mongmawkonmyintaung tea plantation
Other govt delegates included: Thein Zaw, U Soe Thein, President’s Office Minister; Lt-Gen Thein Htay, Border Affairs Minister; Sao Aung Myat, Shan state Chief Minister; Col Aung Thu, Shan State Security and Border Affairs Minister; Maj-Gen Than Tun Oo, Commander, Triangle Region Command, Maj Gen Aung Soe the commander of Northeastern Region Command.
920/03/2013Lashio, Shan StateXiao Hsarm KhunAung MinAt the Shan-Kayah Trust-building for Peace Conference the Wa representative Xiao Hsarm Khun was informed by U Aung Min, UPWC Vice Chairman # 2, that the Wa call for a separate statehood could be decided only by the Union legislature.
1012/07/2013KengtungUWSAUPWC1) Follow the agreements that emerge from the discussion.
2) Maintain the alreadya chieved mutual understandings, trust and fine tradition of peace and continue making cooperation for reaching eternal peace through constructive discussions.
3) Make transparent coordination as quickly as possible based on the constructive ways at a time when there emerge the military issues between Tatmadaw and UWSA.
4) Not to allow seceding “Wa” Special Region (2) from the State at any rate as “Wa” Special Region (2) is a integral part of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and to utilize the capabilities of “Wa” Special Region (2) for perpetuation of sovereignty and territory of the State.
5) Make mutual cooperation between the Union government and “Wa” Special Region ( 2 ) in development of the region and eradication of narcotic drugs.
1103/09/2013KengtungUWSAUPWC/ Shwe Mann(Informal)
1204/10/2013Pang SangXao Ming Liang (vice-chairman)U Thein Zaw (MP) and Lt. Gen Thein Htay (deputy minister of border affairs)(Informal meeting) U Thein Zaw proposed 9 points in the meeting. In the proposed points, census issue, ID card issue, local development, permit government servants to work in Wa territory are included in discussion. U Thein Zaw also discussed with Xai Minliang about to attend the nationwide ceasefire signing ceremony.
1301/03/2014NaypyitawPao Yu Yi, Zhao Zhongdan, U Sam Lu (Khun Sam Lu) and Sao Khun HsengU Thein Sein(Informal meeting) Leaders from UWSA, NDAA and SSPP met president Thein Sein after attending the census campaign in Naypyitaw.
1403/03/2014Naypyitawvice-chairman Pao Yu Yi, C-in-C Zhao ZhongdanThura U Shwe Mann(Informal meeting) 3 Delegates from UWSA led by deputy chairman Pao Yu Yi and commander in chief Zhao Zhongdan met Thura U Shwe Mann in Naypyitaw when they visited unioin parliament.
1506/04/2014Northern Shan Head Quarter officeUWSAMin Aung Hlaing (Commander in Chief)(Informal meeting) Gen Min Aung Hlaing met UWSA for the first time in his term of Commander in Chief: state media reported on Sunday.
1626/04/2014Pan SanKNU leaders – Mutu saypoe,saw yawjarkhin, saw eyezatt, saw htoo2 lay, saw tarmulayUWSA leader- deputy chairman ShaoMinLian, deputy general secetary- PaukYuYi, and officials(Informal meeting) Leaders of the Karen National Union (KNU) and the United Wa State Army (UWSA) say they are concerned that an escalation of fighting in Kachin State could reverse the ongoing peace process between the government and ethnic armed groups.
1725/08/2014NaypyitawNDAA-ESS, U San Pay (Vice chairman) , UWSA – Shao Min Lian (Vice Chairman), SSPP/SSA Gen Khae Taine vice chairmanPresident Thein SeinInformal meeting
1825/08/2014NaypyitawNDAA-ESS, U San Pay (Vice chairman) , UWSA – Shao Min Lian (Vice Chairman)Commander In Chief, Min Aung HlaingInformal meeting
1926/08/2014NaypyitawNDAA-ESS, U San Pay (Vice chairman) , UWSA – Shao Min Lian (Vice Chairman), SSPP/SSA Gen Khur Tai vice chairmanParliament Speaker Shwe Mann, Khin Aung MyintInformal meeting


Agreed points:


  • continue holding talks to cooperate on defence forces of the State for security and defence of the State as one as it agrees not to disintegrate the State and secede from the State at all


  • agreed to adopt short-term and long-term socio-economic development plans
  • Union government agreed to help increase opportunities for national races youths in “Wa” Special Region
  • to pursue education with the mindset to develop their insights, to equip them with vocational education and to realize human resources development.
  • Union government agreed to cooperate in developing healthcare initiatives in Wa” Special Region (2), these initiatives include: treatment, prevention and education


  • continue negotiating matters related to enabling representatives in townships of “Wa” Special Region (2) take seats in each Hluttaw of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar – encouraging proper representation of Wa in their respective areas

Ongoing issues:


Maintains close ties with NDAA

Business concessions:

Enterprises: Hongbang Company (founded in 1998) is a Wa owned conglomerate involved in construction, agriculture, gems and minerals, petroleum, electronics and communications, distilleries and department stores. The Hong Pang Group is based in Panghsang with offices also in Yangon, Mandalay, Lashio, Tachilek and Mawlamyine.

Ho Chun Ting, aka Aik Haw aka Hsiao Haw, the son-in-law of Bao You-Xiang, is the principal owner and managing director of Yangon Airways and chairman of Tetkham Co Ltd that runs a chain of hotels.


6 May 2015 – EAOs released a statement after Panghsang meeting

Oct 5, 2014 – UWSA and NDAA released a joint statement

Jun 2, 2014 – Who Are the Wa : The article written by Bertil Lintner published

Jan 10, 2013 – NDAA, UWSA and SSPP/SSA issued a joint statement for the govt to stop its offensive against the KIO/KIA and start political dialogue

Aug 02, 2012 – SSA-S + UWSA Wa and Shan army commanders say tensions between the two armies have subsided following a “misunderstanding” that caused a face off opposite Chiang Mai’s Fang District in northeast Myanmar.

Jun 16, 2011 – UWSP‘s statement

concerning ongoing clashes between the Myanmar military with the RCSS/SSA, KIA and KNLA.

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